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About GenWorks

GenWorks, a subsidiary of GE, is a highly reputable company that offers a wide range of medical products and services, including equipment, medical devices, pharma and digital health solutions. With a presence in over 700 districts in India and partnerships with more than 40 global players, Genworks caters to a strong base of over 40,000 customers. Their 500+ sales and marketing team, spread across 150+ locations, offer complete solutions to customers, including SaaS, tele-remote services, rental, pay/use and facility management models, in addition to selling products and services. With Genworks Global office in Singapore, the company will leverage overseas markets for all products and solutions.

The merger with GenWorks presents a significant opportunity for Browndove to expand its product portfolio and leverage off the customer base and strong sales and marketing force of GenWorks. The combination of Browndoves’ commitment to high-quality, affordable products and sustainable manufacturing practices with Genworks' wide-ranging medical solutions will create a powerful force in the medical device industry. As the merger progresses, Browndove looks forward to delivering innovative and comprehensive renal care solutions that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers both domestically and globally, with the expertise and support of GenWorks.