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Browndove offers the complete range of renal care medical devices and consumables that include dialyser, Blood Tubing Set, AV fistula needle, transducer protector, long and short term catheter, on off kit, priming tube
and IV set.

Healthcare Plant

Browndove Healthcare’s state-of-the-art plant is at Harohalli, Bengaluru and is dedicated to renal care products and dialysis devices. Browndove products are manufactured in India tostringent specifications in our certified, world-class facility.


We manufacture and export blood tubing set, AVF needle, dialyser and other renal care products conforming to global standards with relevant certifications. Custom configurations of blood tubing sets can be manufactured to customer specifications.

Formulations Plant

Browndove Formulations manufacturing facility based at Coimbatore, meets WHO GMP standards and is ISO 9001 qualified. The 10,000 square feet facility is dedicated to manufacture of dialysate fluid and

About Us

Welcome to Our Company

Browndove is an innovative leader in manufacturing and delivering a spectrum of renal care products. We manufacture Blood Tubing Sets, AV fistula needles, transducer protectors and catheters. Going forward, we will be manufacturing dialysers. All our products are designed and developed in-house. Our company was founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2000 and headquartered at Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Over two decades, we have emerged as a dedicated player in the renal care community by offering the highest quality products at affordable prices. All raw materials used to manufacture the products are tested to IP quality. The final product is meticulously checked by our chemical and microbiological control labs.


Improving quality of life for a better tomorrow.



Grow exponentially in renal care and related medical devices space by providing the healthcare community affordable products and services.