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Dry Powder Dialysate, Liquid Dialysate,
Dialysate Mixer Machine and Sterilant

Browndove Formulations

The factory based at Coimbatore, consists of state–of–the–art manufacturing facility spread over 10,000 sq.ft. built in accordance with WHO and CGMP standards with Class 100,000 clean rooms and in-house analytical lab.

Dialysis Formulations factory at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu


Browndove Formulations is committed to manufacture products of quality and establish strong supply channels to our discerning customers. A passionate team works with commitment to deliver tried and tested products, nearing our goals to achieve good quality and reliability. We produce dialysate in liquid and dry form, mixers, sterilant and chemicals used in dialysis.


Without changing the constitution of the acetic acid based liquid dialysis concentrate, Browndove has conceived and developed this new powder concentrate system. This will ease the handling of dialysis concentrates and provide a convenient means for in-clinic production of dialysate fluid to the required composition.


The acetic acid used in dialysate is replaced with citric acid to make the dialysate available in dry powder form that can be mixed in-clinic to obtain the required composition.

Recent studies show citrate based bicarbonate dialysate use has improved the efficiency of dialysis as it acts as a local anti-coagulant and prevents clotting during the treatment and the solute removal during dialysis is increased.

As citrate based bicarbonate dialysate acts as a local anticoagulant it increases the life of the reprocessed dialysers.

It reduces the dosage of other anti-coagulants used during dialysis treatment. The shortage of these other anti-coagulants, continuous cost fluctuations and non-availability are key factors for using citrate based bicarbonate dialysis, making it a cost effective treatment.


Today, it’s everyone’s responsibility to the society, nation, humanity and mankind by preserving our environment and reducing global warming.

The aqueous (liquid) form of dialysate are supplied in 10L/20L HDPE jars that involves larger space and volume for shipment of these jar. By using dry concentrate, we reduce the carbon footprint on every dialysis session.

Dry concentrate offers many advantages over conventional, ready to use liquid dialysate concentrate.

Simplified handling and reduced logistics

Reduces storage space at dialysis centres

Increase in efficiency of dialysis

Reduces usage of other anti-coagulants

Mixer system offers easy handling to operators

Environmental-friendly through reduced transport weight and avoidance of fluid jars

The powder polybags can be recycled

Mixers are rugged with ergonomic design and built to last

Liquid Dialysate Concentrate

The liquid dialysate concentrates are available in 5, 10 and 20 litre cans and are compatible to most models of dialysis machines 35X, 36.83X and 45X. We provide acetate concentrates and bicarbonate concentrates. In order to use bicarbonate as the basic anion, the dialysate concentrate is made into two parts. Part A – Acid Concentrate and Part B – Bicarbonate, both in powder form.

Dialysate Mixer Machine

The concentrate mixers are designed for use with Citrone, Acitrone and Bicarbonate – dry concentrates from Browndove. To prepare the concentrate in-clinic, simply add the premeasured Citrone or Acitrone or Bicarbonate ingredient packets and pure water to the mixture.


CitroKlean is a sterilant for cleaning dialysis machines & DiabloKlean is a sterilant for cleaning dialysers.


For Hot Sterilisation of Haemodialysis Machines.

Citric Acid based hot sterilisation for dialysis machine, kills bacteria, viruses and spores.

Sterilisation and Decalcification in one process.


For Cold Sterilisation of Dialyser and Tubing set.


Cold sterilant completely destroys all microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi.

Replaces formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde for disinfection.


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